Philosophy - Photographer

My view of photography. It is an attempt to capture energy. A snapshot of a moment in time…. It is the study of light, shadow, patterns, motion, and influence. It is literally a moment in time that will never be repeated.

Each energy capturing experience and attempt is unique. Nature is beautiful and it is a snapshot of her essence. Humans are beautiful and it is snapshot of the person’s essence and so on and so on.

The interesting things about portrait photography is that there are a bazillion things happening at one time. No, I am not talking about the general environment and setting up the camera on the tripod, I am talking about the image itself and the energy snapshot. The eyes, the subtle wrinkles in the forehead, the curl of the lips, the presence of the hair, the body language from where the shoulders are positioned to the upright of the back to the placement of the elbows and hands to the placement of the feet to the colors of the clothes to either indicate patterns or the lack of patterns to the colors are analogous or complementary or hues, tints, or shades and now the specific environment for the picture to include or not include props and then the biggest energy capture which is the person’s mood… Are they happy, sad, tired, a long day, a short day, restless or restful night? And the list goes on…

Essentially, all of the life experience that has brought them to this moment of time is receiving a snapshot for the world to see specifically for themselves.

So as a photographer, it is an art in capturing that light energy wherever it may be and either decorating that light with clothes or just simply appreciating that light for its natural presence whether viewed as ugly by society standards or just naturally beautiful because it is in its element. And that is the essence of how I see photography.

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