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Hello Everyone!

It’s hard out here for an artist!

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The human experience is complex and my response to you is that I am simple. The study of music is a study of the human condition. Be sure to click on my bio and discography and of course buy a cd. Hope you enjoy my observations.


                              My view of photography. It is an attempt to capture energy. A snapshot of a moment in time. It is the study of light, shadows, patterns, motion, and influence. It is literally a moment in time that will never be repeated.

Video Projects

I enjoy singing a-capella. Singing a cover song is not only singing, but also a study of a poem. I also do other projects also. Click to watch the video and then visit my YouTube channel for more.

Serene Professional Solutions, LLC

Life can be complicated, but finances do not have to be. They are definitely time consuming, but it is all about strategy. We start with a discussion and review of taxes and work our way from there into other discussions. Click on the link to learn more about what I do.

Mark Nash, Wealth Manager and Life Insurance Agent

Life is a team sport, but so are finances. You and I will work together to determine the best solutions available specific to your needs. We are all the same, but our needs are often different depending on where we are in life.

God's Holistic Temple

Once you pass the spirit of achievement, Legacy becomes very important. It is said that there are more than enough problems in the world, we just need more people to work on solutions to those problems. GHT is a nontraditional church that focuses on spirituality and wellness.

These are some of the photos from a photoshoot that I did over the summer of 2016. You have to love technology. I actually took these photos myself with my cellphone meaning remote controlled my mirrorless camera.

Streetcorner Internet Radio Station

Hello Everyone,

As you can tell, I am always busy. This means that it takes me awhile to complete a new music project. Soooooo… A while back I decided to try to support other artists that I have met in my musical journey. Just click on any of the players below and you will be able to listen to the Streetcorner Station.

The Streetcorner name was inspired from me watching the scene from when Levert was singing by an open fire in the movie New Jack City. It also was inspired from the people of New York who sing on the sidewalk in hopes of either being discovered or that someone would throw money in their suitcase. I laughed as I just thought about it a bazillion years later. They are called Streetperformers…. lol….

For those interested in having their music added to the internet radio station, please follow the links below and just follow the instructions.

In order of priority/first dibs are as follows:

1) Spoken word poetry over beats.

2) R&B

3) Soul

4) Neo-Soul

5) Rap – Conscious/Spiritual

6) Rap – Down South/Houston

7) Rap – Everyone else

8) Blues

9) Gospel

10) Everyone else


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