About Me – Photographer

Mark A. Nash Photography is a division of Nash Records. As a photographer, I primarily shoot headshots and portraits. I also shoot at walk-a-thons such as the Sisters Network Breast Cancer walk and March of Dimes March for Babies each year in order to support the God’s Holistic Temple mission. 

In order to see my projects, please visit www.markanash.smugmug.com.

 Also, the life of an artist is a tough life so if you decide to join Smug Mug, please use my referral code so I can get a discount on my renewal subscription.


As an aside… If you are a photographer and you are looking for a place to host your photos, then definitely go with Smug Mug. Smug Mug is one of those decisions that I wish I would have made sooner. It is a user-friendly design and everything is just spectacular! Just reach out to me if you want more details as I am happy to share my experience.

The important thing to know is the following… Be aware of web hosting companies that claim that they have unlimited space. It is a scam! After you upload all of your photos, they will delete them as soon as they update their servers. Of course, you can always restore from your backup, buuuuut if you are a photographer, you already know how much effort we put into our art.

I think Smug does have some quirks, buuuuuuut the Smug site experience is light years ahead of Word Press. I am still angry with my WordPress experience. lol….

Oh…. We are supposed to be talking about me… Well… If you have read this far, then just visit my Smug site and I ramble a bunch on that website. lol…

But I love life.. I love the arts and I do what I do… And oh… Just to let you know… I use my creative side alot in business as business is really just another type of creative problem solving.


Colors of the Rainbow plus black, white, and brown.

White top and jeans

Green screen edits

This homepage will have the primary internet radio station and the links to learn more about me and my projects.