Philosophy - Singer

Everyone can sing. We have a singing universe. The word itself – ‘uni-verse’ essentially means one sound.

My approach to singing is to make my honest attempt to communicate emotion. ‘E-motion’ is energy in motion. The tricky part is trying to direct that energy. That of course is the beauty in the art because raw passion tends to be uncontrollable. The other unique thing is trying to take the energy and emotion that is within me and transfer that energy and emotion to someone else or a group so they can experience what I experienced in either creating a song or communicating a cover song.

That is my concept of art. Art is what I express, but the individual brings their life experience to the table to experience the art that I am communicating. Either it resonates with them as art or they are only entertained or they bypass it altogether and that is my interpretation of why it is called ‘Art and Entertainment’.

Philosophy - Rapper

Everyone can rap. Just like everyone can sing. Well… sorta…

My approach to rapping is a long brainstorm. I have stories swarming in my head over time and the thoughts just keep picking up pieces along the way until the picture is formed. The unfortunate part is that the pieces may take long to come together, but the nice thing is that once all the pieces of the puzzle come together, it is like a download from the heavens. And that is the flow part of it…. meaning being one with the universe.

So rap or any artistic expression is not about can you or even should you, but do you have the desire to, the need to, and there are some, quite honestly, that God has called them to express that art. It is like they have come to this planet to communicate either through song or rap or poetry or painting or dance or sculpture or the list goes on… even architecture. I feel that I have the desire and the need to express and normally I would say I think it is up to the masses to determine if I have the talent or if I was called to sing, rap, or communicate via poetry, buuuut I believe on this day that I am writing this that I was called to do all three. Otherwise, how do I explain that I continue to express after all of these years. There is a reason why I mention all these years… There are those who are art for life and those who eventually leave art to teach. For some it is a skill, for others it is a passion and a calling. All I am saying I do not expect to see Michael Jordan coaching anytime soon. lol…

Philosophy - Poet

Everyone can write and/or recite poetry. Just like everyone can sing and rap.

All singers and rappers are poets, but not all poets are singers and rappers. A singer, as well as a rapper these days, may not write their own art. Those that do write their own art are poets who also sing and/or rap and those that do not are performers and/or entertainers. Before you get all elitist and try to debate any of the above, life is a team sport and humans are communal meaning we want to be together so it is nothing wrong with anything that I said above, they are just different. Every person is an artist. It is just some of us have a desire, need, and calling to express more than others whether we are expressing pain or pleasure, we want to share that with you and the world. I guess apart of it is that we either do not want to feel alone in our views or we have come to this planet to teach or we might just be stopping by on our way to another galaxy.

Soooo… just writing the word ‘chaos’ on a blank sheet of paper is a poem to someone, but unless it incorporates the elements of rhythm or melody or harmony, it is far from a singer’s song or a rapper’s rap.

Soooo, yes, I am a poet. I also sing and rap as a way to communicate my poems. 

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