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As of 5-24-2015...


Hello Everyone,

Be sure to add me as a friend on facebook. It is alot easier for us to stay in touch. I maintain this site primarily so you can listen to the internet radio station. I play my music as well as some other folks that I have met along the way.

Of course, I also give you the whatsup on what I am up to these days.

Please be sure to support the arts. Go indies and make great music and thanks listeners for your support! Be sure to buy my new cd, The Journey. Just refer to the link on the right.

I am partly busy enjoying the holidays and the other part I am working on new music. I am hoping to drop something new in 2015. Actually, I am hoping to drop a number of projects in 2015.

The biggest thing is that I did my concert this year!!! April 2015! I working on editing the video and will get put it on YouTube as soon as I can! I hope y'all like it.

I opened with 2 classical pieces and then sung 7 jazz standards. I will tell you more later.


Health Stuff - ignore the fiber supplement steps, but the others are still good to go.

Status update

This section is how I feel at the time of updating this website. For ongoing updates, just add me on facebook. Also, for more details on the definitions of the different, just read the life strategy ideas link located on the right side of this page.
Energy Happy Day Great Good Can't Complain In the middle, moving in the right direction This some BS right here Bad Horrible
Spiritually X              
Mentally X              
Emotionally     X          
Physically           X    
Financially       X        

Music Projects

I am in the process of trying to figure out a way to get some projects that have been on the shelf done.

 released The Journey July 2012. I enjoy singing a-capella so much that I released the a-capella version of it as well. Enjoy....

I am still taking voice lessons when I can.... If any of you want an excellent vocal coach, I recommend Prince W. Rolle School of Music. Just give him a call, 713-524-5624... I know my voice is stronger with better vocal control because of his voice training.


To send me a message you can either send me a message to mnash3@hotmail.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/markanash1. You can also do a search for mnash3 on Youtube.com to see some more videos. Be sure to subscribe to my channel at www.youtube.com/mnash3 and of course post comments on the individual videos. I do enjoy your feedback.

Listen to my internet radio station in your own player. Click here.

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