About GHT – The Detailed Version and Me Rambling

Before you read…. This is background on the GHT black history and religious studies project. I enjoy a good conversation so this page is a moving target. So print it if necessary as I wrote it blog style. My ideas are constantly changing.

Just continue reading to learn how to get to the GHT testing website… Have fun…



Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome you to the God’s Holistic Temple website.

I’ll keep it straight forward as there is so much work to be done.

GHT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible. It is a church dedicated to a holistic approach to worshiping God and developing the God within you. The goal is to develop all of your energies e.g. spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy, and financial energy as part of worshiping God.

In order to address those energies, I developed GHT360. It is an online learning center. The primary focus is black history and religious studies, but I will add more topics later. I will also include topics that impact black people as a whole, but is not simply a black topic. For example, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in impact black people, but are not simply topics of black people such as black people invented or wrote those documents.

There is no real teaching, the concept is education by educating yourself. The format is a test structure. You have been learning about black people for a while so let’s see what you know. For what you don’t know, you need to research. The goal is to inspire you to learn about black history and the contributions of black people.

By the way, you will learn very quickly that the further you go back in history the blacker the planet becomes.

For now, if you want to participate in the learning course….

Perform the following steps.

Visit this site for guidance. www.ght360.org

1. I am currently putting together the courses and quizzes so just keep checking the site if you do not see any courses.

2. I will try to post a course list when possible.

3. Then you register for a GHT LMS account. Just follow the wizard to create a new account with your username and password.

4. Once you create an account, that is the self-registration component, then you self-enroll in whatever course you want. (Note: I am trying to setup the website such that you will be able to select your initial course first and then once you enroll in that one course the remaining courses you can enroll in from within the system.)

5. Once you are enrolled in a course, then start taking quizzes. Each slid will have a couple of words and then you can take the quiz. You will need to pass the quiz to move on to the next quiz.

6. The quizzes are in a 10 question format per quiz. You are required to have at least a grade of 70 to move to the next quiz. You will have 3 attempts at the entire quiz before you receive all of the correct answers. We are on the honor system.

Note: It is of no benefit to you to just guess at the quizzes just to get to the correct answers. Take your time. Enjoy the experience. If you do not know the subject, this is a great opportunity for you to research that topic. Just start with Google or Wikipedia.

7. There will be multiple courses. Enroll in as few or as many as you want. It is completely open and self-paced. Do yourself a favor and do not just take all of the fun movie courses first. lol…

I am still working on the details, but for now, it is $5 per course. So that is 10 quizzes for $5 which is essentially 100 questions.

8. (This feature will be added later.) Once you complete a course, be sure to generate your certificate and display it proudly on your walls and let all of your family and friends know.

So that’s the learning center.

The below will happen much later, but I feel it is necessary so I am working towards it. Your contributions will help to fund this project and I can invite more people to create quizzes as well as create a quality review team to assist with reviewing the quizzes before they go live. 

But ultimately, I want to do the below at some point. 

I will also post updates on the following for your enjoyment. 

1. My Book List. – I enjoy reading. I read alot. There are so many books that are no longer on my book list because I have already finished them. I enjoy music and video production, financial literacy, business strategy, technology, and philosophy books.

2. The Black Book List – This will be a compilation of books submitted by students who found these black books beneficial to the psyche of black people.

3. The Black Movie List – This will be a compilation of movies, videos, documentaries submitted by students who found these viewing beneficial to the psyche of black people. I will be open minded and say it will not matter if it is an all black cast a couple of black actors or behind the cameras the people are black. We’ll work on this one.

4. The Original Scavenger Hunt – This was my original idea, but you will have to read it as it was a good read on the original 960 website. The summary is…. In developing the hunt project, I learned that there is more than enough black history available. The question became more so of why are black people apathetic to learning black history or why is there not enough passion or excitement about learning black history? So, I figured we needed a different type of black history learning center.

5. The Sponsor List – This will be a list of people who are currently funding this project. The Sponsor List is broken into Gold ($10,000 level), Silver ($5,000 level), and Bronze ($1,000 level). The funds are used to fund this project and the overall mission of God’s Holistic Temple. By the way, as a Sponsor, my note to all of those who read the sponsor list is that these companies are committed to black history and GHT’s mission, so please show some reciprocity and do business with these companies.

6. The Event List – The original idea was to make a listing of the places all black people should visit at minimum during their life time. (This one will be updated at some point. Right now, I have to create all the courses and quizzes. Right now it is just an idea.)

7. The Black Group Economics Experiment – The goal of this idea will be to develop a listing of black businesses, preferably sponsors, and to make that list available to the public. I am trying to develop a strategy that circulates the black dollar in the black community. By the way, we all shop at Walmart, so I know the project will be focused more so on how do we help our fellow entrepreneurs. I’ll lay out a strategy for this one and let’s develop from there.

Again, I say welcome to GHT and I hope you enjoy your stay.

GHT is God’s Holistic Temple. 

GHT960 is the website for the background about the organization and the black history project.

GHT360 is the website for the online learning center where you can complete online courses.

Maybe I’ll change my mind later, but for now, the goal is as follows:

Black History

Goal – 1,000 Quizzes (10 questions per quiz)  on black and religious history. 

Scholarship Goals

Goals –

To assist 1 million black students with becoming Certified Public Accountants.

To assist 1 million black students with becoming lawyers.

To assist 1 million black students with becoming financial ad visors/financial professionals/investment bankers, etc.

To assist 1 million black people with owning 1 million acres of land in the United States.

To assist black people with developing a black world bank. 

This homepage will have the primary internet radio station and the links to learn more about me and my projects.