I know that I covered my overall philosophy as a photographer and I initially thought that I would have something fancy to tell you for each of the different types of photography that I shoot whether Women/Girls or Men/Boys or events, etc.

Well… I will summarize it in this one sentence.

I simply shoot for the perfect shot!!!

That’s it. It does not matter what I am shooting. I am shooting for the perfect shot.

So you may be asking what is the perfect shot?

Is it a shot that tells a story? Is it one where the eyes are in focused? Is it the shot the pulls and tugs at your emotions?

Maybe it is the unappreciated smile photos where people are happy. Or is it a photo that flatters the curves of a woman or a photo that makes a man look like a man expressing the masculine energy and symbols of strength?

I can go on and on, but what I have learned is about the expression of art. For art to be art, sometimes it does require the participation of the observer. If that picture resonates with you, then it has done its job. If it does any of the above, then it has done its job. 

I can tell you from direct experience that I have taken a bazillion photos and have selected the photos that I felt would tell a better story or present a wonderful energy or just met my offbeat criteria for what I would feel is the perfect photo and guess what? 

I posted the originals along with my edits and have been amazed every time at the number of people who liked the edits, but loved the original. The original could have an odd facial expression with clothing out of place, blemishes on the teethe and face and guess what? People like what they like.

I see my role more so as to shoot for what I feel is the perfect shot to capture that moment in time and share my interpretation of energy and beauty and let the world choose to love or not love those photos for their energy, their story, or etc.

I said all of that to say….

Hope you like my interpretations of perfect shots and support the arts and what I do.


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